Experiential Marketing

wolfenstein game exhibit for Bethesda

Corporate Events

We help create experiential marketing displays for events of all kinds. From conventions to conferences, we can help your company look professional.


Our displays help your event leave a memorable impact on your attendees. Let OAI+Rainier take your event to the next level.

Art Displays

Our company has worked with many local artists to help them display their work in the way they imagine it, large or small.

Why choose to create an Experiential Marketing display?

With an Experiential Marketing campaign you directly engage your customers. By participating in your event, exhibit or artistic display, they will develop a relationship with your brand. By using Experiential Marketing techniques, you are differentiating yourself from your competitors, and this will give your company a competitive advantage. According to an article by The Washington Post, "11 out of 14 consumers reported preferring to learn about new products and services by experiencing them personally or hearing about them from an acquaintance."

experiential marketing campaign tube bending logo

What is an example of Experiential Marketing?

Product testing experiences are a great opportunity to get immediate feedback and evolve your product. For example; we developed game testing environments for Bethesda to have at a gaming conference. Here their future customers were able to test and give feedback on games before they were released to the public. After getting a "taste" of how the game operates, they are very likely to buy the game when it is officially for sale, as well as convince their friends to buy it.

Do you have a project in mind?

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