OAI+Rainier is proud to provide our clients with the most advanced skills and technology in North America.

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3D Tube Bender produces The Canyon
Tube Bending for the Salt Lake City Airport
The Canyon at the Salt Lake City Airport
Production team assembling bent tubing for The Canyon at SLC Airport

The Canyon at the Salt Lake City Airport

The Canyon, an art installation by artist Gordon Heuther, was completed and revealed to the public in 2020 at the grand opening of the new Salt Lake City Airport. We began production on this project in 2015 after purchasing the innovative technology of the 3D Freeform Tube Bender.

The Canyon is inspired by the formations in Utah’s canyons, and will span 362 feet, the length of 1.2 football fields, and use more than 2 acres of fabric and the equivalent of eight miles of aluminum tubing. OAI+Rainier is the only company in North America with these advanced tube bending capabilities.

The Cloud Fountain - Elk Grove Civic Center

The Cloud Fountain at Elk Grove Civic Center Display

OAI+Rainier was happy to reunite with the artist Gordon Huether for a second project built using our freeform 3D tube bending machine. Following our work on “The Canyon,” an art installation in the Salt Lake City Airport, Huether conceptualized a “Cloud Fountain” now standing at the Elk Grove Civic Center in Elk Grove, CA.

OAI+Rainier’s highly advanced tube bender shapes aluminum tubing into any form. Combined with precision welding, the bent tubes were connected to give the illusion of one continuous, spiraling piece. The sculpture stands 24 feet high on top of an aluminum base and is lit with LED lighting.

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Rainier Clouds Logo
tube bender produces Rainier Clouds
Rainier Clouds art displays within a hospitality space made with tube bender

"Beyond Rainier Clouds being a compelling product offer, I connect with the founders' passion and vision and their combination of fun and function."

-Kim Kovel, Senior Material & Color Innovator, Nike

Bring Beauty, Form, and Functionality to Your Space.

Transform conventional spaces into sophisticated and captivating environments with architectural fabric cloud inspired sculptures from Rainier Industrial Art. Available in shapes to evoke cumulus, cirrus, and stratus clouds, these graceful silhouettes add dimension and beauty.

We’re proud to offer the most advanced 3D freeform tube bending technology in North America. This technology allows tubing to be shaped with a variable radius to fabricate completely custom and precise shapes. There is no limit to your imagination taking form.

Using the only tube bender machine in North America, we make Rainier Clouds to transform interiors.

An Acoustic and Architectural Cloud Collection.

The three cloud sculptures below are available to order with our exclusive Rainier Acoustical Fabric layer. When you select the Acoustical Element option we hand-sew the interior of the cloud with the most popular synthetic velour in the entertainment industry. The medium-weight polyester is totally opaque, durable and wrinkle resistant, and ideal for indoor or outdoor venues, high humidity climates, and masking. Ideal for large airy rooms, open-concept office design, reading rooms, music halls, or any gathering space.