Retail Displays

Retail Displays for Nordstrom stores

Window Displays

Designed to attract customers to a store, OAI+Rainier will help you brainstorm new and creative ways to update your store.

Commercial Signage

Displaying your company's message in a way that will make you profit is our top goal. This can be anything from a small sign to a billboard sized sign.

Pop Up Displays

Looking for a portable graphic to present an idea? Maybe a crafted space to hold product in a retail environment? We can help with that!

Wayfinding Signage

Need signs that help your employees or
customers make it from point A to point B? Our team
has experience creating ADA compliant signage.

Applique Banners

With our durable applique banners, you can easily customize your business or event. Our talented team blends fabric and design to the smallest detail.

Retail Displays will get you noticed by more shoppers.

Retail Displays are the driving force for selling a product in a retail space. Retail Displays can be bins to hold products, shelves to promote products or glass cases to display products. We will help you design and implement a Retail Display that draws in consumers instantly and persuade them to leave the store with your product. Between your research on your clientele and our expertise in developing engaging displays, you are guaranteed to see outstanding results.

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Tips for creating an effective Retail Display for your company.

From our experiences creating Retail Displays for large clients such as Nordstrom and Starbucks, we have developed strategies that are guaranteed to attract customers, retain their interest, and increase your sales. Our biggest tips are to stay on brand, choose engaging colors, and keep the product shape in mind when choosing how to display it. Do your research on how to best display to your client, and our team will take it from there.

Do you have a project in mind?

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