Project:  "Woman with Blue Heron" by Ola Volo for Blanton Turner /  9th & Thomas

Inspiration:  “As the Emerald City enters a new year; hope, health, and happiness are the badges people wear proudly on their sleeve. This work of art is inspired by the bright future that lays ahead. Seattle shines in all its glory with the rising sun behind the woman’s head. Her tattoos recount the fables of her seafaring journeys along the wild west coast. Her fiery boots light the way to new endeavors along a familiar path. She observes the fullness of time while nurturing the charming, stoic blue heron, a symbol of Seattle. Together they represent a new beginning that is beautiful, caring, and strong,” says artist Ola Volo

Scope:  Rainier was tasked with updating, producing, and installing an 8 ½ story banner on the side of the 9th & Thomas building for Blanton Turner. During the construction of the building, the Rainier team had worked with the architects and builders to have extra reinforcements, eye bolts, and braided cables built into the side of the building for easier installation. The entire print took just 4 hours to print on our grand format printer and another 4 hours to RF weld, and sew together. Removal of the old mural for storage and installation of the new mural took just 4 hours with a team of high-access rappelling installers.

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