RF Welding

RF Welding Capabilities

Radio Frequency Welding (RF Welding) is the process of welding two pieces of vinyl together using an electromagnetic field. The material is heated and pressed to melt and fuse the two materials together. This process allows us to make some of the world's largest banners.

Shepard Fairey Project
RF Welding the Shepard Fairey Banner

How It Works

Radio Frequency (RF) Welding involves the prepping and positioning of material, adding electromagnetic energy and pressure to combine the materials then cool the materials. Each weld is quality checked before and after the production process. The best welds come from a proper tooling layout, weld thickness, material thickness, and effective control of the machine.

Featured Projects

American Rage by Shepard Fairey

2002 Winter Olympics - Salt Lake City, Utah

T-Mobile Ballpark

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