Rigid Substrate Printing

Rigid Substrate Printing Capabilities

Rigid Substrate Printing provides prints on flexible substrates. This is a necessary printing process for specific signage applications. Our Rigid Substrate Printer prints on paper, wood, metal, and acrylic. A few project examples are the ‘Fan Cutouts’ for the MLB, retail window displays, and haptic art for acrylic.

rigid substrate printer
Rigid Substrate Printing

Why Rigid Substrate Printing?

Rigid Substrate Printing a.k.a Direct to Substrate Printing utilizes a flatbed printing technology that eliminates the mounting process by printing directly to the raised or rigid surface. This saves time and money because there are fewer materials involved in the production process. This is the best printing method for displays, wall art, and other indoor/outdoor displays.

Featured Projects

Seattle Mariners Seat Fleet

Tower 12 Apartments Salesroom / Showroom

Direct Print Graphic for Clore Wine Center

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