6 Ways to Utilize Grand Format Printing for Branded Elements

Rainier’s grand format printing capabilities allow you to dream big and create memorable branded environments for a broad spectrum of applications. These applications include grand format imaging for building wraps, exhibits, stadiums, corporate interiors, in-store point of purchase displays, and vehicles.

Branded and experiential environments evolve as modern media trends change. The environmental displays that surround your office, stadium, or exhibit will leave a lasting impact on everyone who interacts with them. Rainier Display is here to help your brand stand out in a substantial way. Here are 6 signage trends to consider while making changes to your branded displays in 2022.

Minimalistic Banners with Bold Colors

The uncluttered look with simple designs has been around for a long time, but it’s never quite looked like this. Instead of settling for black text on a white background, many have incorporated texture combined with muted or natural colors.

Rainier Display’s Grand Format Printing capabilities provide the opportunity to print your brand-specific colors with texture, also known as haptic printing. Haptic Printing is an elevated printing process that creates dimensional prints using ink to build texture. Geometric designs and sensory communications create a modern interest in the ability to feel a print, rather than just viewing it.

Dimensional Displays to Bring Your Brand to Life

Dimensional signage and displays are the perfect way to directly engage anyone who interacts with the exhibit. By participating in your event or artistic display, they will develop a relationship with your brand. Experiential Marketing techniques, will differentiate brands from their competitors, and will give companies a competitive advantage.

The Seattle Sounders FC Skeeball project is the perfect example of a custom dimensional display used to attract fans. This project uses grand format print vinyl to makeup the graphic portion of this display.

Geometric Shapes that Capture Attention

Symmetry in large banners or branded environments is more comforting than ever before. Geometric shapes give a casual, versatile, and free-flowing design that’s appealing to the eye. This design format can be amplified with our fabrication capability to print grand format wall and window coverings. Read more from the ‘Woman with Blue Heron‘ case study.

Nostalgic Designs that Tell a Story

The concept behind retro fonts and designs isn’t new to the industry. Most businesses find that consumers gravitate towards messaging that emphasizes history and nostalgia of that company. Utilizing signage designs that elevate nostalgic traits can create a niche for brands. Rainier Display has a team of creative graphic designers to help you bring your vision to life.

Digital Displays and Signage

The ever-evolving concept of digital signage is not lost in 2022. Many businesses have steered their branded environments towards digital displays and signage with sensors to initiate an experience between the viewer and a brand.

Digital interactions that inspire the consumers’ experience with a brand are activated across multiple touch points. Our job is to identify those touch points and enhance your audiences’ experiences with creative fabrication tools. Rainier Display’s creative team works with you to effectively optimize the flow between your brand and digital spaces. Learn more from the ‘University of South Carolina Training Facility‘ case study.

Environmental Branding

Your brand impacts a person from the second they walk in the door. It is carried through the facility and tells the story of your organization through design and aesthetics. Your branded environment will leave a lasting impact, and that will translate to further sales and promotion of your products or services. 

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