How Collegiate Displays Inspire Community

Celebrating Past Program and Player Accomplishments

In general, college athletes, accompanied by their teammates, spend at least four years improving their knowledge and skill of the game. This opens up the opportunity to build a community within athletic departments. By the time their four years are up, these teams may become somewhat of a second family. At Rainier Display, we collaborate with athletic centers, to showcase the success of current and previous student-athletes. Highlighting player success goes beyond showcasing their talent, it provides students and staff with a sense of community within university walls.

We have worked with several universities to celebrate past program and player accomplishments. How do we do it? Our manufacturing capabilities and vast creative services provide us with the opportunity to be innovative in our designs. From championship banners to one-of-a-kind hall of fame graphics, we customize displays to fit the branding elements of each athletic department.

Branded environments and digital displays help promote school spirit and energize student-athletes. Every athletic department is unique in its exciting experiences with prospectors, fans, and community. Our job is to help athletic centers share those experiences with each person that walks through those campus doors.

Elevating the Campus Atmosphere and Vibe

If you’ve ever taken a campus tour or visited a sports team on game day, then you’ve experienced a sense of familiarity with that college’s atmosphere. Collegiate displays are meant to mirror the architectural and brand elements of each college. Those environments host a sense of community for student attendees, alumni, and outside visitors. When we take on facility expansions, we not only envision creative spaces that enhance team collaboration, but we amplify design elements to positively affect current students. By implementing visually stunning displays at your athletic department, you maintain a feeling of “home” for current students, staff, and alumni.

Creative Tools to Enhance Campus Facilities

We envision creative spaces that will enhance collaboration and performance, impact wellness, academics, socialization, and much more. Here are a few ideas to turn your imaginative designs into a reality.

Custom-Designed Wallcovering

Wyoming Football Stadium Large Format Print

We add large format prints to empty wall spaces to help bring environments to life. Our large format printing capabilities create opportunities for versatile types of displays. This gives you the flexibility to dream big and think creatively about how you want to promote or celebrate your athletes. Large format printing includes any printed medium between 18” and 100” wide, however, size is never a limitation with our grand format printers. Take a look at our ‘Large Format Printing and Beyond’ blog for more information.

SEG Fabric for Wayfinding and Hall of Fame Graphics

Syracuse SEG Fabric Install

How does it work? SEG fabric is a stretchy material that tucks into a channel within an aluminum frame. This application makes replacing backlit fabrics quick and simple. How can you use it? Interchangeable graphics allow you to mold your environmental graphics based on the athletic season, fluctuation in players, and updates in the hall of fame displays. SEG Fabric is the top choice for large signage applications at colleges and universities. Each interchangeable display provides a smooth finish with a modern appearance.

University of Wyoming SEG Fabric in the Athletic Conference Room

Custom Builds to House Athletic Artifacts

We choose to innovate with custom builds by incorporating dynamic digital features into athletic displays. Our customers have the opportunity to dream freely when it comes to working with Rainier Display. Get your creative juices flowing with a few unique examples from recent projects.

The University of South Carolina has a 110,000-square-foot Football Operations Facility. A few years back, this facility needed to elevate the Gamecocks’ story to inspire prospective students to build their legacy at the college. In collaboration with Jack Porter Designs, we developed a traditional NFL display that releases related content on a monitor hidden beneath a mirrored surface whenever someone touches a helmet. Check out the full project!

Clemson University Football Facility
Clemson University All In Wall Covering
Clemson University Traditional NFL Wall Graphic

Clemson University developed its new Football Operations Center. The new facility is outfitted with displays honoring All-Americans, NFL players, and memorable moments from past players. One of the many displays at Clemson University contains a wall of backlit graphics, updatable lists, and digital content to highlight Clemson’s growing list of alumni. Check out the full project here!

Innovative Capabilities and Flexible Displays

Rainier Display conquers fresh branded environments for collegiate and professional sports each year. Our favorite part about brainstorming creative solutions for athletic facilities is formulating adjustable displays. Athletic centers consistently update player information, hall of fame graphics, alumni displays, championship banners, and more.

Letterman Award Display at Lamar University
Hall of Honor Display at Lamar University

The recent renovation at the Dauphin Athletic Complex at Lamar University incorporates the ideal use of interchangeable displays. As part of the 54,000-square-foot redesign, we developed a hall of fame wall that’s updatable as new additions are made. Materials like SEG fabric, updatable aluminum labels, and wall coverings are simple ways to reinvent a space while maintaining the architectural elements of a blank canvas.

Fresh Ideas for a Facility Redesign

Art Team Checking Color Samples
Art Team Checking Color Samples

We have in-house experts to provide comprehensive shop drawings and collaborate with customers on the design phase of your project. Our creative team works with you from concept to completion to test new ideas and ensure a successful project.

Embracing Community Engagement within Athletic Facilities

Each University encompasses buildings and facilities that have similar architectural elements. Each building hosts its own history and memories influenced by previous and current student attendees. We build on the legacy of each campus to maintain a sense of community felt by alumni members, students, and staff. In the end, regardless of the size, each campus preserves a certain atmosphere within its brand. The vibe felt by fans and visitors impacts community engagement in school spirit and energizes students in athletic and academic settings. By embracing a creative approach to facility redesigns, our customers establish a new way to welcome current and prospective students, reinforce community relationships, and develop a structure that celebrates the school’s legacy while serving as a building block for its future.

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