Capturing Rainier Display’s Cutting-Edge Brand Identity

Rainier Display is ambitious, tenacious, and evocative. We are a division of Rainier Industries, specializing in designing, manufacturing, and delivering custom solutions for architectural enhancements, branded environments, retail displays, large format printing, and experiential marketing. Rainier Display has the resources necessary to produce captivating industrial art solutions, large or small, indoors, or out. In 2020, our creative and marketing department collaborated on new ideas to increase Rainier Display’s brand visibility. Our team began organizing small focus groups throughout the company to ask our teammates a series of questions. Each question is meant to spark ideas and gain further insight on who Rainier Display is and what we want to be known for. Next, we created a brand positioning deck elaborating on the feedback from each focus group. Later, our creative team established Rainier Display’s target audience personas, advanced brand pillars, logo, color guidelines, typography, website applications, and more.

Why is it important to develop a brand identity for your company?

One of the many questions we asked ourselves during the brand development process was, ‘how will a fresh brand identity help our company prosper?’. Brand identity is important because it sets the tone and helps the company resonate with its target audiences. Moreover, a company’s brand identity elaborates on the visual representation of company values, develops consistency in marketing elements, and differentiates a company from its competitors. A new brand identity suggests a refreshed logo design, color palette, typography, photo stylization standards, website applications, and more.

Brand Pillars

Identifying our top three brand pillars began with the process of elimination. Rainier Display is known for creating captivating industrial art solutions. We asked our focus groups to provide a list of words that come to mind when we mention ‘Rainier Display’, and here is what we gathered: approachable, cutting-edge, dependable, intriguing, reliable, neighborly, polished, unique, to name a few. The company took a poll to identify the top three most applicable idioms when thinking about Rainier Display. Those top three idioms became our modernized brand pillars.

Ambitious / Visionary

We are the bringers-to-life of the imagination. We are the designers, the engineers, and the builders. We capture the idea, activate the concept, and construct the vision.

Whatever inspires the heart, mind, and soul, we make it real.

Our creations tell the story of the place in which they reside. Meant to affect, engage, and excite, every project is unique and custom-made for those who will experience it.

At the intersection of creativity, engineering and manufacturing is where we thrive.

Tenacious / Enduring

A division of Rainier Industries, established in 1896, Rainier Display juxtaposes our centenary legacy with the possibilities and promise of the future. As we have matured, the pledge to our core values, performance, and purpose remain. Looking forward, we mobilize leading-edge design, state-of-the-art technology, and unique manufacturing methods to bring our clients’ vision to existence.

While we are always pioneering, inventing, and exploring, we never forget who we are and where we came from.


Elegant or edgy, pristine, or punk, sleek, or structural…there are almost no limits to what we can do.

What we create, on behalf of our customers, is meant to evoke emotion, spark joy, and amplify wonder. Experiences and environments that make an impact, leave a mark, shape a memory. From the creative minds and hearts of our artists to the inventiveness of our engineers and the precision of our manufacturers, Rainier Display works to excite the mind, arouse the soul, and stimulate the imagination of those who experience our work.

And we have a lot of fun doing it.

About the Mark

The next step to modernizing Rainier Display’s brand includes the creative elements of our logo. Rainier’s creative team came up with three logos that felt edgy, ambitious, and enduring. Of the three, one was selected and altered to perfection. The final Rainier Display logo tells the story of the brand within every edge, corner, and letter.


The abstract nature of the mark is based on our ability to be creative and evoke new and innovative ideas.

Customer Centric

The opacity on the “d” shows that we are transparent with our customers and we work hard to put customers first.

Have Fun

The lowercase “r” and “d” represent Rainier Display without being literal.

Our Legacy

While the division title (Display) is at the forefront of this design, we also want to show pride in the Rainier legacy that we uphold each day.

Memorable Mark

Overlapping the shapes gives you a mark that is intriguing and memorable.

Working Together

The harmony between the shapes is an example of how all our different departments work together, to become one united front on a project.

How We Pulled-Off A Brand Refresh In-House

Rainier Display’s new brand is truly unique to Rainier Industries because the entire rebrand was completed by our creative team. Rainier Industries offers creative design services that enhance our ability to complete projects from start to finish. Utilizing our in-house design capabilities offered more space to incorporate our company values and mission statement. Every element of this rebrand represents our philosophy to put customers first, be responsible, deliver results, have fun, and be kind. We are a group of experienced, innovative, and imaginative individuals who work from concept to completion, ensuring a successful project.

Why Rainier Display?

Rainier Display is the inspirational ambition of your imagination. Our job is to take your wildest dreams and turn them into a reality. Rainier Display has a long history of working with many different materials in a variety of spaces. We have molded our shop to fit our specialization in specific art forms. Whether you are envisioning updated branded content for a sports complex or printing a large-scale art piece for a new exhibit, we are the production partners you need. Rainier Display’s personalized rebrand demonstrates our creativity and vision for innovative ideas. Our hope is that you experience the qualitative, loyal, reliable, and unique elements of Rainier Display through our differentiated brand identity.  

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